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February 26, 2019


If you refer back my blog post of that little itch where I express my anguish at the hay fever season, you will all know that I have been embarking on my own little journey and I am now a fully dairy-free person. I have been diary free since around the end of April, I cannot put an exact date on it if I am completely honest it has done be the world of good. 

I have always been pretty good at...

February 20, 2019

Ok we all know Melissa gets slightly obsessive when she finds new things – and this month it is the amazing Sophie Tea. I came across her via the dailymail.com (I know I know, news that is not news! but we all do it!!)  And from reading the article this is normally a lass I probably would of rolled my eyes at a little bit. However I then decided to do a little Google, and low and behold her artwork is beautiful. 


October 9, 2018

Where has this year gone honestly!  It has been a crazy year for myself as you knew all I bought a house a few months ago, and at the start if the year I changed jobs – so it is no surprise we are currently in October. 

I love the transition of seasons so September & October are my favourite months of the year.  I am a fan of the colder months that is no li – It has not even properly cooled down yet and I am pulling o...

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