Crafty Obsession

Having an arty background I always get slightly obsessed with anything crafty. So I found myself in all places, the Cheap shop in Tiptree, and if you live in Essex and have no idea what the cheap shop is - then where have you been hiding under a rock?

This shop is Aladdin’s cave of things. Looking like your everyday small craft shop on the outside, step through the front door and this shop goes on forever! Whatever you need craft wise you can definitely find it in this shop, overwhelmed most of the time, often spending a good portion of my day in there and of course spending way more money than I actually have on items which get put on the craft shelf!

So this time we went on a hunt for some sticky back plastic (as-you-do) and instead came out with a hoard of other items. Which included chunky wall, fabric, pom-poms and zips!

Around this time of year I start to get very excited about winter, cosy nights in with box sets, mulled wine, crisp autumn days and knitting. I know what your thinking this 24year old knits? I took up knitting as a distraction for my hands when a gave up smoking a long 3 years ago, and I knitted (I am not even kidding) a 3 meter long scarf that I could keep wrapping around me. There is something so satisfying about wearing something and someone asking you were you got it and to just reply with I made it! So every year I pick up some chunky wool and get myself knitting – these also make fantastic Christmas presents!

Now the bee fabric was a bit of a fun, I have some small rectangle pillow s which I think this would be great for them, and at £5 a meter it would have been silly not to. The pom-poms however where an addition at the cutting counter I ummed & arrred because the meter was pricey!! However how can anyone say no to some pom-poms, so in the bag they want and turns out they go really nicely with the bee fabric. I am sure you will be seeing a new scatter cushion additional coming shortly.

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