What I keep in my gym bag

Most people know I am a morning gym bunny, so yes that is a 6am work out, and a lot of coffee and motivation to drag my sorry ass out of bed. Why I do it? Mostly because I do like to get the gym out of the way, then I can go to work knowing that at 6pm the evening is my own. I also tend to work out better in the morning, it gives me the buzz I need for the day and I also like to know I have worked out before I eat for the rest of the day that way I know where I stand.

So do this of course preparation is key, I always pack a gym back the night before and in order of how I need to take things out (I have one of those stylish yet really impractical travel bags) so work clothes in first with a make up bag and then towel and wash things on the top basically -

I always have fancy shampoo in my wash bag

Why? Well why the hell not! – I always find that sometimes this will motivate me more than anything to get to the gym is that I will have smooth silky locks after, and nothing beats that after gym shower – so I always treat myself. At the moment we are sporting some Charles Worthington Violet shampoo to help maintain the blonde and stop the red head look!

Hair Clips are a must must must

I have long hair and one of my worst feelings is having it wet and on my back!! How some lasses look all sexy in a pool swimming with their hair down baffles me! Its one of those feelings that makes my skin prickle and teeth grind. – come-on we all have one! And this is mine. So mentioned above I pack everything into a small bag so I don’t rally have the space to be packing two towels to swan around the changing room in so I make do with squeezing the water out my hair and clipping it up till I can get it blow dried.

A snack

I always pack a snack with me. However in fairness I do rarely need them, I quite often go to the gym running on empty ( I can hear all fitness gurus waking up and coming after me!) But because I go so early I rarely want to wake up even earlier to chow down. So I always have a protein shake packed, one scoop in the bottom of a shaker ready to be mixed with water. I use The Bootea shake powder, it is really versatile and I either mix it as smoothies or often use it as a meal replacement – and it tastes great.

Green Tea

I have always been in love the green tea collection at Body Shop, so as you can imagine I was gutted when it was discontinued in store. But pros for me it is online (so i can purchase in bulk!) As I mentioned all the time there is nothing better than that post gym shower, so not just treating my hair but my body too and nothing livens it more than this green tea scent it is so refreshing and a reason in itself to head to the gym.

What do you make sure you keep in gym bag?

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