May Favourites

Time for another favourites blog for me, and it has been a mad one this month! As many of you know I complete on my house! (on the 11thto be precise!) and since then it has been absolutely madness. I have been keeping track of plasterers, spending most of this month’s income on paint, as well as try and maintain a healthy work/gym life balance!


I have re kindled my love – and it is about bloody time! If you followed my instagram you would of seen an exciting and very brave instagram story of me practicing in my back garden. It felt so fab to re connect with the earth and re-line my chakra. I have since been attending two yoga classes a week one morning and one night and it really has put a positive spring in my step.

Eggshell is a type of paint not a colour.

Less of a favourite but something I have learnt this month. Believe it of not I have gone this many years thinking eggshell was just a dirty cream colour that people put on the walls, little did I know it is similar to gloss only less shiny. So little lesson there for anyone who is like me! But put it this way me, a tine of paint and a skirting board are all the best of friends now!


Since being dairy free my snack/ready meal days are well and truly over. I have to prepare for every meal and every snack, however I have feel in love with my local sushi gourmet in my local sainsburys. I admit it is a bit on the pricey side however so so so worth it.

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