Getting my Buzz Back

It has been such a long time coming; I have been so distant from my art and design, like this mental wall, a bit like writers block! I have found myself just re generating work over and over again instead of actually creating new and vibrant content. You may of noticed a few of prints just keep being used on social media and now enough is enough!

So recently I woke up inspired, I have not felt like this in a little while. A day where I wanted to get my hands mucky which I have not done for years – since way before my university days anyway.

Before this time I was keen on colour and fabric dying, it was my thing. You name I would dye it, tie bolts into it and dye it, dip it in wax, dunk it. All experimental, I would have endless samples of swatches and colours in piles or folders, littering the washing machine and line; I was my mother’s worst nightmare! Then I don’t know what happened, the flame died and everything became digital.

I am not shunning digital design, it is revolutionary, it speeds up processed makes them more commercial. It allows us to communicate out work effectively, but there is something so appealing about getting involved physically with the fabric, watching how it moves in the dye water, and fundamentally getting your hands dirty!

A few days go I took myself off to the local craft shop and bought myself some marbling inks and this is something I have wanted to try but onto fabrics. A lot of my work is experimental and always happens by accident, so this kind of fabric dying is the most amazing thing for me as every piece turns out differently! Put is this way I cannot wait to start to make these into some products to share!

What would you like to see my try next?

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