Let's Get Naked

Not literally. Being comfortable in my own skin, it is something that has taken me almost 25 years to accomplish and for some people even longer. The biggest realization is just to get to grips with I am ok great just the way I am. There have been some times in my life were I have been to self conscious to wear the dress, or wear the cut out bikini by the pool but there comes a time in your life when you just turn round and go Fuck it.

So in this unconventional heat wave we have been having I have of course been embracing my body and of course trying to be as nearly naked as possible to be able to survive in this heat! (This does of course mean spending most of my life in a sports bra and shorts)

I would like to add to this that shaming people for this is also not ok, with the heat we are having there is no other option than to go naked so we all just need to sit back take a chill pill and embrace each others wobble and chub rub a little bit. I cannot believe to tell you the amount of times from doing this that I have heard snide remarks about me, from the petty bullying in school to even the snide remarks from work colleagues commenting on my weight on my heels.

This is not ok. And to top this as a 25 year old adult you still here these comments and remarks and it is almost shameful to live in a society that thinks this ok.

However on the flip side, I am not for the huge campaign for all stores to offer plus size clothing. Cue mob of angry messages.

You want to wear Dior you slim down for Dior (someone once said something like that) luxury clothes and items are desirable and are considered for the elitist population. After years of studying fashion and making clothes I can agree that making larger clothes inevitably costs the company more and if that’s the care then why would you do it – to then sell the clothes at the same costs and make a loss? From a business point of view this does not make logical sense. Yet at the same time leave fashion as a dream – leave the weird and wonderful to be an inspiration to you!

So here, have some lovely pictures of me parading round in next to nothing, this sexy little bra has been provided to me by Hunkermoller.

And thank you to the lovely Jamie Matthams for these photographs and the use of his flat!

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