Dairy Free Me

If you refer back my blog post of that little itch where I express my anguish at the hay fever season, you will all know that I have been embarking on my own little journey and I am now a fully dairy-free person. I have been diary free since around the end of April, I cannot put an exact date on it if I am completely honest it has done be the world of good.

I have always been pretty good at using almond or coconut milk in things like smoothies or coffee anyway however it actually dumbfounded me how much dairy I discovered I ate when trying to cut it out. - My life motto has been you can put cheese on anything.

And quite literally I was, so this automatically had to stop. It is so hard!! And then there is the little things that you don’t think contain milk but do – for instance crisps! So many crisps contain milk it is really unimaginable. Even the convenience of going to pick up a sandwich meal deal is even know unobtainable – unless I stand there for the whole lunch break reading the back of all packets!

Then there are also the sweet things, as most people who read this know me I have never been into anything sweet, food wise. Until I went dairy free then my god did I gain a sweet tooth, and the best thing I have found is Oreo’s. Who would of thought Oreo’s are dairy free (vegan to be précised!)? So needless to say there is always a huge stash of these at the back of my cupboard! – Unless I am broke then the Aldi knock offs are also vegan!!

Of course there have been times I have craved and given in to my temptation – so far this has been a whole of 2 times. Number 1, I got back from a day festival at like 8pm and I was absolutely steaming and I automatically ordered a 15 inch dominos with extra cheese - didn’t even think twice about demolishing it and I may as well of licked the box after. (I was also that drunk that night I also text the delivery driver telling him he was cute – no reply funnily enough) and the second time was recently a large battered chicken burger in wetherspoons with all the cheese and sides and this is the one that has prompted me to write this post.

I have ever woke up feeling so s*** in all my life. I must of used half a box of tissues blowing my nose this morning (allergy side affect) and just felt sluggish and lifeless. It wasn’t even worth the dining experience of the burger – I could have had something else and felt far more perky this morning.

So in hindsight this post is a bit of dedication to Sunrise Health, who advised on the dairy free lifestyle and all the positive healthy changes I have made. Not going to lie to you Dawn, at first I though you were talking bollocks but now I see the light! Cause to be truly honest with you all I am feeling so much better –I can breath through my nose, as well as get up feeling like I am always ready to seize the day!

I am also fully aware the pizza had more dairy probably (before any of you smart arse’s get there!) but I can guarantee the hangover was probably worse the next morning

So my conclusion to all this – if your gonna eat cheese make sure your drunk Melissa.

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