There are times in life when you do feel like and adult, for instance going to do your first lot of laundry, insuring a car or you know being the only person (or mug) who pays for the Netflix account – however there does come a time where we al

l need to be a bit more adult and grow up occasionally.

In my instance it dawned on me, that I had been living back at my parents place for almost 3 years! Not of course there is anything wrong with this, however I have been ‘saving’ to move out for years and it always been that thing that is too far out of reach or I always had an excuse. The biggest one being that in today’s market it is just not affordable or possible – however the time as come it has happened!

So here’s a few things I have learned about jumping on to the property ladder

Visit a few mortgage advisors, and even then you don’t have to use them

Ok,ok,ok you can use them if you want too, however most will offer you a free consultation, and basically to tell you what you can achieve so in my case I used it as a bit of pep talk, they basically ask you what you earn what kind of deposit you are looking for and who would be your best mortgage lender. From that point you can either pay the advisor to do all the paperwork for you (I was so tempted) or you can do it yourself and even if it was a pain staking Easter weekend – it did get sorted and in the long run saved me around £300.

Estate agents, unless you get lucky most our pretty useless –

I am sure they are all very good at their jobs and with any sales jobs you do always get time wasters who turn up and you cannot blame them they do probably get a million phone calls a day but getting hold of some of them was just painful and of course how can I forget the sales spiel! I mean I am open minded with most things however showing me a dump and telling me it’s a palace – come on!

Asking for helps is never a bad thing

Miss independent here always wants to do everything by herself! However sometimes in life you do need to ask for a little bit of help and to be able to get myself onto the property ladder I have bought myself a little cottage which is in need of some TLC and I am in that fortunate position where my dad can step in to lend a hand and what I have learnt is it is not a bad think to take some help occasionally.

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