Budget Basics

Now I am no accountant or claim to be a money guru but a big question I get asked is how I managed to buy a house for myself, how did I manage to save so much

and here I will tell you how.

Do you really need it?

So many blogging and money experts will tell this, but before you impulse purchase or eat out again ask yourself if you really need it. Or before going out to dinner with friends just have a piece of toast first, and you might not want to eat as much!

Put your savings in a completely separate account

What is says on the tin. By putting your savings in an account where you cant see them helps you kind of forget about them, meaning your not going to dip into

Save the pennies and the pounds will keep themselves.

My Nan is so right about this so one, so how I control my finances is to use cash for everything. In an age of card and contactless you can lose track of how much you spend. So draw your weekly allowance out in cash each week and whatever is leftover can go in your rainy day fund – mine happens to be an iridescent unicorn moneybox – classy.

Above all this though don’t be the person that doesn’t go out cause they cant afford it, always make compromises on your weekly budgets to be able to go out, at the end of the day life is worth living.

Share your budget tips in the comments below

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