Lets talk: Fishnet-tight sunburn

Brighton pride seems like a whole lifetime ago (a whole week to be precise!) and back in my what to wear to pride blog I did kinda say I would share some pictures of my glorious outfit (which I saw a billion people wearing) with you all. Of course in drunk Melissa fashion I completely forgot to take some instagram worthy pictures. So instead I thought it Fuck it and you can have my drunken ones.

Good old-fashioned Britney Spears was headlining pride (in all honestly I never had her down as a gay icon) and my gawdddd did she put on a show. There were so many pairs of sparkling pants, fish nets and bondage harnesses - it probably was not a family friendly show! It was well wroth seeing and definitely something to tick of the list.

All I will say to Brighton, and this from a person who goes every year, you over sold the tickets and killed Brighton Pride. The ques for the bars, the amount of rubbish the next day in the city (it was actually foul) down to the lack of transport for the people camping at the pride field. It was just a bit over kill and mainly for Britney to plug her perfume the next day on twitter (so much for supporting LGBT!)

Even though I do not want to moan cause at the end of the day I was drunk and full of Love so who cares.

And my little outfit went down a storm the rainbow sequin playsuit, a whole tenner from the one and only primark – however note for next time I will debate whether it worth putting fish nets on in a hot tent. The same as is it worth the fishnet sunburn?

I styled this up with some leather converse, and some really cute space buns, I can never seem to wear my hair down in the heat it gets too much, and of course my Zara back pack cause someone always needs to play mum at the festival.

Please support the LGBT foundation by clicking here

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