Making my House a Home

For so long now I have wanted to move out and have my own space, and for so long every time I saw something online I mentally stored it and said “Melissa save if for when you have your own space” and now that it me has come not only am I spoilt for choice, I really don’t know what to do as well!

The problem with being a creative spirit is you want so much in one space and you want to mix and match and it might go it might not. Perhaps that is the fear I have is spending all this money and they not actually liking the outcome.

So as you have probable all seen on my instagram stories I bought an amazing sheep skin rug from John Lewis (sorry for all the vegans in the world) but it is so soft and a fake one would just not do it justice. So this is in front of my fire in at the minute and as some of you know I am planning on making a coffee table out of a letterpress tray – if I kick my ass into gear and get on with it.

So the finishing touches with my living room shall be the coffee table, and hopefully an armchair. Now an armchair is something I am struggling to find in my head I know what I want, I would like a emerald velvet armchair which is all snuggle. However I would also like to pay gumtree prices for an armchair – trust me I have even researched learning how to upholster a chair!

Most importantly I actually don’t want to do anything else to the lounge until I have bought the iconic chair for the room. So of course this means it lacks home comforts, throws, cushions all the yummy stuff! - I also I think want to try and make some of this stuff as well that way it will become more unique and one off!

So below I have compiled some of my chair favourites which one do you think I should go for?

1. Belsize Green Velvet Chair | 2. Branagh | 3. Dalston Chair

So that’s the chair vibe but next I also need some pretty prints on the wall so I have always said I kind of wanted some of the art to mean something. Which I think is true cause I want the art on my wall to tell a story, this works for the books on my shelves and the ornaments I have on displace. I have however compiled some lovely images from this fabulous website desenio honestly check out their website you can sit on there for hours just scrolling. So again I have compiled my favourites, which I might get and will just probably, need some help to decide on what room to hang them in!

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