That little itch.

Welcome to my favourite time of year, when the pollen is rife in the air and I turn into a blown up, slobbering mess. I probably have one of the worst types of hayfever out of anyone I know, I get swollen itchy eyes, a bunged up nose and worst of all an itchy throat – causes havoc when you are trying to sleep.

The worst thing about it is not much works; I hate to sound like such a pessimist here. It is one of those things that most medical professionals cannot understand or fix for some reason. Sometime I do feel like my only cure is to find me a bubble and sit in I for half of the year.

One of the reasons I hate the season so much is not because of the itchy symptoms but the comments you receive through out the summer. The line, which gets me every season, is “oh Melissa are you suffering again?” No Doris, there are starving children in Africa who are suffering; there are people in chronic pain who are suffering. I on the other hand just have a leaking eye, which I cannot control! And you know what? I am kinda used to it, I have had 13 years to put up with a leaking eye for 6 months of the year, we have now become accustomed.

I have tried a lot of over the counter remedies, and rotated them, which any good pharmacist would say. Nasal sprays, eye drops, tablets you name it I have ingested it and all proving to no affect. I have taken steroids from the doctors to reduce symptoms and even trying some local remedies, local honey and pollen (my mother is a bee keeper so you cannot get more local than that) I have even stuffed some Vaseline up my nose to urge the pollen to stick so I wouldn’t be affected.

The only thing I find truly to work during the height of summer, which relieves symptoms and helps me get some rest, is a gel eye mask. Whack one of these bad boys in the freezer and hey presto it is instant soothing for the eyes.

In recent hayefever news, I posted a glorious snap about my allergies to my instagram sories and the lovely Dawn at sunrise health got in touch to explain that she had cured her hayfever. Now I am up for any solution but was shocked to find out how she had cured hers, as these thinks you don’t imagine to be linked.

I am now dairy free.

That is right, shock horror apparently dairy causes excess mucus in the body which can be mistaken for signs of hayfever. Now I do admit this is not the first time I have been told this, and have cut out dairy for a week here and there, however under Dawns advice I need to cut it out for more than three months to see any possible results.

So imagine, allergic to Pizza all these time and not plants.

To some people this may seem a small feat, however I am a cheese fiend. I love a good cheeseboard; a bar of chocolate and pizza is my soul mate. So this will be possibly be one of the most difficult things I am going to achieve but it is worth a shot.

I will keep you posted on my dairy free lifestyle, and can we just at this photo takes some serious bravery for someone with a pollen allergy to step into that field!

Let me know your hayfever hacks below!

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