The Polaroid Challenge

The Polaroid challenge is really something I created, once again (and trust me this happens a lot) I get to this point in my life where everything falls a bit stagnant and I see myself in the same old routine. Which basically consists of, work, home, Netflix, dinner, sleep. So being the creative minx I am I decided to come up with a small challenge for myself and basically wanted to take a Polaroid picture per day.

Easier said than done.

The concept of the challenge was to get me out of the house, get me moving, to be creative and interactive with the world again. Cause the idea of all these photos together and in an album all having the same view from the sofa was not captivating enough. So the idea took of and started to work and I was actively getting myself out the house however I also forgot to take the photos, on a lot of days. So it included me going to events and taking them in mass to catch up which isn’t really the purpose of what I set out do.

What this challenge also created was the creative bug in me, and if you are someone like me who hates going to a festival of gig and watching it through someone else’s phone, or the endless neck ache of looking down at your own phone this challenge really went old school and actually made me enjoy places and my surroundings again.

The other thought towards this challenge (I apologize this bit is slightly morbid!) was how cool would it be that when I eventually do kick it; this would be my memoir like a modern day diary which if I get rich and famous could very much be published one day.

Who needs the Kim K selfie book hey!

I thought I would share some of my snaps from over summer; most of these were taken from the start of May when I set upon my challenge. I aim to this challenge properly in September - game on.

So who is joining me with the September Challenge - let me know below!

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