Becoming a Silky Mermaid

I knew the title of this blog post would get you all excited, but I thought I would share this experience with you. So it has been a long time coming but as we rolled into 2018 I promised myself a little treat for the year ahead, and that was to treat myself to laser hair removal – I know I spoil myself!

A short while ago I began to notice a lot of new hair growth (its gross I know but natural so chill) on my neck and face areas. Not the kind of normal baby hair growth that you would expect but the kinda dark un-attractive type that females are not supposed to have, so being Me I decided to take immediate action and putting the epilator down I took myself off to a consultation for hair removal treatment.

After some extensive amount of research – because lets face it I didn’t want to end up in some back street butcher shop.

I found out that one of my regular salons, Beauty at the Bay had recently started to offer a Hair removal lase treatment – to of course my excitement. First off you have to book in for a brief consultation, during which you are asked a few questions on your skin type and how you react to direct sun exposure to determine whether the treatment is right for you, after this they basically ‘zap’ you a few times to see how your skin reacts to the treatment, and if all is ok and no rashes you can book in for your next treatment.

So they recommend 4-6 treatments depending on hair type and of course hair grows at a different rate. For me I have found that 2 treatments have been successful and I have achieved the results I wanted. The only way you can describe the feeling is that of being hit by stinging nettles but without the lasting pain, low energy light rapidly pulses onto the skin (180 times a minute) to gently heat the target hair follicles an din turn killing them.

I am so pleased with these results I have since been to book in to have my underarms done, I have even got my dad involved and he has been for consultations on getting his back hair lasered.

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