Changing up a Routine

From lounge lizard to gym bunny!

From anyone who knows me I am a proper lounge lizard. Who likes her routine, scared of change and is very partial to a cheeseboard more than once a week.  Needless to say as per my ramblings in my last post something had to give.

So I have decided to give my boring, work, home, eat, TV, eat (again) routine give it a little mix up. So I signed up to a fancy pants gym.  I know what your thinking why Melissa do you need a fancy pants gym to make a change and I am now going to tell you why.

I am not going back to work

Not has harsh as it seems, I work at a Hotel as an event manager, said hotel also has a lovely gym attached to it meaning Melissa gets a free a gym membership – now I can hear some of cussing. My reason for signing up to a gym elsewhere was to give me a motive to go, when I go to the gym I don’t want to feel like I am going to work but I would like a good atmosphere, somewhere different from my day to day.

The Fancy Equipment

I need a big motive to get out bed in the morning at 7am and drag my sorry ass to the gym and at the club I have joined I do feel like I have a motive and that is MyWellness key by Technogym. This snazzy pieces of technology allows me to track all of my progress I log in as I enter the gym, it records all the cardio I do &and resistance weights so it really is remarkable, and if you are someone like me who likes everything filled out and in its place, then I don’t want a low bar on my graph from not doing well in the gym that day.  But most importantly it means the trainers can keep an eye on my progress, I can have a review with anyone of the trainers at any point so they are able to see my progress so that in itself is something to work towards.


Finally the other reason I wanted to join was for my wellness and sanity. Not only to I get snazzy equipment I receive access to over 50 classes including yoga and Pilates, pool & Jacuzzi, it is just a lovely place to go and if I want I can take my laptop and write an awesome blog post from the terrace which over looks the lake. 

So now that I am paying through my nose for membership it may give me some energy to go and change my routine to become a better me. 

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