Going Green

I have had a busy week again, I thought buying a house would be bliss and solitude but no – there is so much work involved and in all honesty it just keeps on snowballing! At the weekend I decided, as it was clear in the diary, to finally start putting ‘the bones together’ of my garden.

Previously when I first got the keys we had gutted the garden and discovered the most adorable patio in the corner right by the shed. I also then found a garden full of un-used brick, you know when its all buried under the jungle. The plan was to make the patio larger with the brick, big enough to fit my garden set to fit on and what’s more the space it is also a lovely little sun trap too.

That was phase one build patio; phase 2 of the weekend was to just to strip everything back. After the heat wave and down pour it has just got unruly out there again so this was the weekend master plan – enlisting the help from my brother Josh.

And of course being us we always create possibly more work than we ever need to in a roundabout way. So not only did we complete all these things we also decided that the best idea would be to dig the entire garden.

That is right. The whole garden. Re dig, sift; level and re grass the whole thing. Knackered is the only word there is to describe this.

Also just to knacker me that little bit more why not paint a fence? Which is what I decided too. My originally theming for the garden was going to be inspired by Santorini and all blue and white, however I don’t know why but I decided for a rose-pink fence. Random I know.

But we can make this work guys! So I am aiming to paint the shed a very pale blue (and because it will have a green undertone I think this will work well!) and as my dear mother suggested maybe grow a grape vine up the fence – that way it wont be as garish but it provide it with a great backdrop. (You just have to imagine some grass in here – it will be nice and green I promise)

So now that you have seen my mud pit of a garden, I have collated some of my garden inspo from pinterest just to cry over what it could be. I think this is one thing I need to learn with mot of the house projects is that patience is key; it won’t just happen over night. Even if I keep staring at the grass preying that it will sprout soon!!

All I need to keep telling myself is I still have plenty of time, I just need to persevere and work on one thing at a time. Until then we live in a building site!

So guys what should I grow? Let me know in the comments.

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