Is it October Already?

Where has this year gone honestly! It has been a crazy year for myself as you knew all I bought a house a few months ago, and at the start if the year I changed jobs – so it is no surprise we are currently in October.

I love the transition of seasons so September & October are my favourite months of the year. I am a fan of the colder months that is no li – It has not even properly cooled down yet and I am pulling out the knee-high boots! As it is also snuggle weather, it’s the months where we can all get cozy and yeah what is not to love about it?

A couple of weeks ago I dragged myself into town to have a bit of a scout out and I got so in the Autumn spirit. Pumpkin spice is everywhere and it makes me so excited! Sadly as you al know I am now dairy free so pumpkin spice lattes are out the window (believe it or not the syrup has dairy in!) so I have to get my fix elsewhere.

My first little haul of the day was from the body shop and one of my faves last year has been brought back (yasss!) Vanilla Pumpkin – if you have not smelt this yet I suggest you take a visit to the body shop and have a whiff. I am not normally a sweet person but combine this with some spiced and I am sold, sadly the body shop has a limited range in this scent and it is limited to body wash, body butter and hand cream but nonetheless I think I will be stocking up to last me the whole year!

I think this set me in a proper pumpkin mood as it these vibes then continued on my trip into TK Maxx. Probably one of my favourite shops – why? Because of the home wares nothing matches and I think it is fabulous! So my first little spy was for a candle, I really wanted a nice scent to have in my bedroom and of course the shelved were fall of autumnal scents. So naturally I pick up the one named Pumpkin Rum – I wish rum really smelt that good! This scent is divine, put it this way without lighting it my house smells like it – another great TK Maxx investment I think.

My last little treat to myself was some pumpkin spice ground coffee. What I love about TK Maxx the most is there weird little food bit they have. Where they have all different types of brands no one has heard of yet you find something so interesting. That was me today with my pumpkin spiced flavor coffee grounds. I admit I am yet to try these but I am so excited to pour myself a cup of fresh brew on a crisp autumn morning.

Let me know what you love about Autumn most?

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