My Current Girl Crush

Ok we all know Melissa gets slightly obsessive when she finds new things – and this month it is the amazing Sophie Tea. I came across her via the (I know I know, news that is not news! but we all do it!!) And from reading the article this is normally a lass I probably would of rolled my eyes at a little bit. However I then decided to do a little Google, and low and behold her artwork is beautiful.

Yeah you could say I have developed a little bit of an art crush, and her feed on instagram is to die for! There is so much colour and life in her work, it is everything I love. The method of paint pouring that she uses is very unexpected which often inspired me, as you can never predict the outcome! – Definitely going to give this a try soon!

Also taking some major inspo from her instagram feed, she brings through her personality; elements of which I have been trying to bring through on my channel. I think this is so important to engage with you audience and she does this in such a natural way.


I am in now way associated with Sophie Tea art, I just wanted to share the love a little bit!

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