New Beginnings

It has been a while since I blogged about my company, more so it has also been a while since I have sold anything or been to a craft show. Most of this is too do with the job change at the start of the year, a huge house renovation and move so needless to say most of my art equipment is still wrapped up in boxes!

However that didn’t stop me and last weekend I attended a local Bazaar in Colchester at Firstsite. It was small and quaint and got to meet some amazing people and local artists in the process. And needless to say it got me vibing again to push my creativity and business.

So not only did I have a huge online push I also managed to sell some of products (yay) so with a surge in sales I decided to invest in some new packaging for my products. The company Lil Packaging offers a wide range of packaging designs and ideas and what’s better is they are based in the UK – no more having these shipped from overseas on eBay like I was before.

They offer unique designs in all different shapes and sizes- perfect for all my designs. They all also have the red-tear- strip openers, which I do think add a professional touch to brand and shipping process. I opted for the breeze-box style, this designs comes with built in wrap and the boxes I chose are black in colour which I love as they stand out from any regular packaging that you normally get.

After ordering they have arrived within 24 hours via courier, which is incredible, baring in mind I am super lazy and never order anything till like 10pm the night before. They also arrived flat pack (duh) which is great for storage I have just moved to a very small house and without realizing had ordered 50 off boxes so finding somewhere to put them is of course critical.

My only downer on these boxes is assembly; it was like carnage in my living room. They do not come with any assembly instructions nor is their videos online, which I could find.

Now, now I hear you “Melissa it is not hard to assemble a box” you are right it is not however these boxes have sticky bits and tissue paper to wrap your goods in – so it can get complicated! But after a few attempts and a bombsite living room we got there and they are fabulous.

You can purchase all the breeze-box style from lil-packaging by clicking here

This is paid partnership with lil-packaging, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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