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April 17, 2018

This is probably going to be one of my favourite posts on this blog ever, but everyone knows brunch food is probably my number one go to. Morning, Lunchtime sod it even eat cereal for dinner! So here I have decided to list some of my Brunch/lunch hotspots within the Essex region –


The Halfway 

I am going to be slightly biased on this one as this is with in a stones throw from my house, so if I am still perhaps a bit worse for wear I can just roll there! They do only serve breakfast on a weekend but it is awesome, I mean come on they even make their own baked beans!!



This one is slightly more budget conscious, but for your dollah it’s pretty good! They serve everything right the way through the day and for under a fiver you can get a breakfast and coffee – in pleasant surroundings too they also display local artwork upstairs. Ideal if you want a lot of food on a budget!


The Red Dog Café

This is probably the number one brunch hotspot in Essex – Location wise it does leave a lot to be desired however it is a hidden gem once you are there, super tasty and super instagram worthy – bring me the avocado on toast!


Despite all three of these amazing brunch spaces you of course cannot beat brunch in bed in your PJs so I am going share some recent snaps of me acting a chef and lets face it only really doing it for the gram’!

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