The Wedding diaries

So I have just put back one of my blog posts about the new house to write this one – cause of course it was they Royal wedding this week! It was wonderful, I myself am ever the patriot (and to top it who doesn’t love a wedding!) He looked handsome, the dress looked beautiful, and the preachers made sure no one fell asleep – we saw your snigger Camilla!

As many of you who read this probably know designing is sadly not my first job, I am first and foremost an event planner specializing in – you guessed it weddings. So I thought I would put a cheeky blog post together a little bit about weddings, what to do, where to save money and what not to do to piss of the wedding planner!

I am kicking off with negotiating and price wars

Who doesn’t love to negotiate? In honesty us in Briton are afraid to do it, but I assure you when it comes to a wedding venue it is always worth a shot to see if there is something we can throw in.

I do love it when couples try to negotiate their venue prices with me as it shows determination, but at the same time if you are planning on doing this please do not tell me how you would use your savings or why you need to knock down the venue fee. There is nothing worse than telling the person who is trying to sell you the venue that you are planning a casino table and booked that amazing band you saw at Reading last year then tell me you don’t want to give your guests any food or the venue fee of £1000 is too expensive . It’s going to be a no. Be genuine it helps.

The things you can save money on

Some of the suppliers I work with will hate me for this one but I do believe there are some areas where you can save a lot of money in wedding planning. My first being stationary don’t get me wrong the fancy invites the megz and hazza had are probably great and laced with gold or something, however to the rest of us sometimes Vistaprint is ok to use! And you can still customize them to make them your own.

The Cake is another area although its tradition, the amount of times I have scheduled or positioned a cake cutting for the bride and groom to cut and look at me like was that it? Then I scurry over whip the cake away and hack it up in the kitchen, after I have course tasted it to check is not poisonous! With some wedding cakes now costing up to £1500 (all be it they are a work of art) I do think that sometimes the cake is overlooked and you can buy a half decent 3 tier from M&S, which your florist can decorate for you and will cost you next to nothing in comparison to some cake decorators.

Your Guests will remember the food

It’s a hard one to get to grips with if you’re not a foodie, however guests will always remember the food and drink. You are sat down at a wedding from anything from 2-3 hours and if the food your caterers or venues serve is rubbish you will end up having a lot of hungry and very drunk guests. Make sure you always book multiple food tastings, go to events where your caterers display and sample the food and ask for pictures it is worth doing in the long run.

The Weather

Ladies and Gents we cannot control it. End off. This is mentioned every time I speak to a couple, and all I can say is let it go (I mean I will never say that exact phrase to your phase) but we cannot control it. So don’t let it ruin your day, always smile besides it is good luck to rain on your wedding day.

The make shift wedding

My fave kind… the bride who the night before brings you 10 vases 10 tea light holders from Ikea (still in their wrapping) a bunch of flowers, some fairy lights and some stones. Then proceeds to whip out a picture on her phone of this intricate set up on her dining room table. This is great and its so creative and wonderful that you want to do something different for your day, but please have a troop of bridesmaids or ushers who want to flower arrange in the morning. Our job at a venue is to make sure your happy and in the right place and your guests are in the right place and of course fed and watered. I am no decorator.

Always get a good photographer

This is one of my key pieces of advice for any couple at any venue, make sure you get along with your photographer. You do spend a vast majority of your day with them and if you don’t get along well with them then it’s going to be no fun for you guys. Another tip is to make sure they know the venue, and if they haven’t been there before ask that they take a site visit prior to the wedding all venues will allow this, you just need to give them a call first.

And my final tip

Make sure you take some time out together, go for a walk and talk be alone for a minute and take it all in. The day goes so fast and sometimes you will forget the most important thing of they day which is of course the love for your partner.

Now that’s as soppy as I am ever going to get on this blog.

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