What not to do on a night out!

Oh this is going to be one of my bitchiest posts! – but I feel like an old woman rant is what I need, while I write this on a Friday evening when most of you are out partying.

As most of you know I don’t go out much – not in a recluse way but in more of a high days and holidays type of way. You are more likely to find me in a pub with a local band plying than out clubbing, but sometimes needs must so I have listed below my pet peeves about a night out -


So let’s start with the basics – who can actually wear a pair of stilettoes for the whole night? I think no one! They look great in those piks posing at home, some classy pointed shoes, but walking from bar to club I just look like an elephant who is trying to run on ice.

A coat is so under rated

Yes I am old tired and cold and I WILL be dragging a coat out with me in winter. I can never seem to drink enough to get this alcohol coat that everyone talks about so I will bring my own!

Drinks ordering

Oh now we are about to open a complete can of worms. If you go to a bar, and you order a drink normally (if the bar is good) the queue will be huge SO DON’T ORDER 4 DIFFERENT COCKTAILS – then complain that is taking so long! Being from a hospitality background I know how long that takes to make. If you want cocktails you go out for cocktails, you spend money, and get dressed up to a order a cocktail. It’s not a drink you order in a bar where your shoes stick to the floor and there is a mob pressing you against the bar. Order 3 double vodkas and diet and be gone.


I mean I don’t mind it really – but we all know instagram stories is were it is at right? But honestly do you need to snapchat your whole night? I am so over girls drunk snapping your night and when toxic comes on signing into the camera “this is my song” – no bitch its Britney’s song. And what is worse than snapchatting your whole evening you then stand there and watch your own story!!!!! I am all for enjoying the moment so put the phone down.

The elephant leg

I am at the age in life where I actually cannot stand donner meat. It used to be the boobie prize to walk home with on a night out, now that I am old it is just plain gross. Lets face its is not pretty food anyway, so waking up to that feeling a little rough (probs from the donner and not the booze) is not the best way to start a morning.

Do you have any pet peeves? – Rant below!

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