Why it is finally time to believe in myself.

For so long I have never had much faith in myself, and I also thing this goes for 99% of the population. We live in a world which is dominated by social media (I am very much aware that I am writing this on social media) and I myself often sit there scrolling thinking I am not good enough, or saying to myself I want to be like that. Don’t get me wrong we all look at things to inspire us, but sometimes it does make you wonder “am I doing enough?” and it raises so many anxieties within us.

And you know what, sometimes we all just need to take a step back and realize that someone’s else’s goals are not our own. So it is time world to stop comparing yourself to others and to start living your own dreams and goals. Sometimes all it takes is a refocus.

When you start focusing on your own path you start to ignore other peoples paths.

There is a lot of judging and perception we receive through the virtual world, we often judge a person based on their instagram feed or the status they posted on facebook. A story one of my colleagues told me is how it has affected our younger generations and how her 14 year old daughter is bullied for not using the expensive eyebrow kit, - I don’t know about any of you but I for sure did not draw on any eyebrow when I was 14 – I was that dream matte mouse generation.

I could never imagine a world growing up based on materialisms and what we see online.

The only way to combat this it to educate. This may not be through schools or even parenting but this should be combatted through the blogging and influencer community. The people in whom the young-gen look up to and aspire to be like we all should be showing our real self online.

This is why I do keep my blog slightly real; it is something I have been praised on by many of you. It also means to do this I need to have some more faith in what I write, to not be afraid to post that photograph or to share more of my blogs with friends and families. Lets combat this together!

Dress from asos.com by Glamorous Petit, Photographs & Balcony by Jamie Matthams

What steps are you taking to believe yourself, let me know in he comments.

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